Friday, June 28, 2013

Local Insider Tips for the Fireworks Show

No matter which property you choose, you will only be a few minutes from the lake.

Find a great spot and get comfy. While some feel that being out on the water is the best (like me), others prefer to sit on the shoreline (like my folks), and others would rather be up on a trail (like my husband) eye level with the amazing fireworks and away from the crowds.

Regardless of your vantage point, have your refreshments, a blanket and flashlight handy. I will be celebrating the Birthday of our Nation with a fresh baked apple pie!

The show starts after the sun has completely set. We have a breathtaking display that usually lasts 30-45 minutes; tune to KBHR 93.3 FM for synchronized music.

Don't be in a rush! You will see hundreds and hundreds of boats head for the marinas and the road along the lake will jam quickly. Just wait an hour or so where you are while enjoying your family and friends and the traffic will clear ☺. Then prepare for a fantastic weekend full of relaxation or fun in this memorable mountain destination!

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