Monday, July 26, 2010

More things being done!

Working on my "100 Things to Do" list this past weekend. Saturday included a night hike to the infamous mushroom caves, #95 on the list. This was the highlight of the day and was much cooler than I expected. The cave drops down about 30 ft to an underground stream. Some squeezing is definitely required! If your looking for info on how to find this "thing" good luck! I scoured the internet for detail and nothing. For a while I thought this might be a "fake thing" but a friend who has been living in Big Bear his whole life was able to point the way and we found it! We explored for an hour or more before doing a little Star Gazing, #37, and the relaxing in the spa, #46. Not a bad Saturday night if you ask me!

#95 Hike to the Mushroom Caves

#37 Star Gazing

#46 Relax in the Spa

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