Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Things - BBV Staff Picks

Janice’s Pick of the Day #56. Snow Tube at Magic Mountain

Never have I had such a great time in the snow! Not being the greatest on the ski slope, I really fall back on sledding for my winter sports. I usually would go out to an open hillside, mark my path, and sled until I wore myself out. This time I decided to give the Magic Mountain sledding slopes a try. I went with my family, and stayed all day long. The lift carpets were the best, it allowed enough rest time for the next slide down. I had to tote the inner tube with me along the way, but it made a great rest cushion when I really needed to take a break and sit down as I traveled up again and again. All of us in our group were able to hold hands together while sliding down the hill. It was remarkably fun for the whole family. We could not stop laughing from the excitement of speeding down that snowy bank. There’s something about those inner tubes, they really catch speed. Sometimes they would twist and turn backwards on us switching up the whole down ward experience. Out of all the sledding we did, we all felt safe, but thrilled, no one got hurt, and we went home with the best pictures and memories yet!

Check Out The Snow Play at Magic Mountain Here!

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