Sunday, March 25, 2012

First recorded Bald Eagle Chick born in Big Bear Lake

A bald eagle chick was born in Big Bear Lake recently, which is believed to be the first baby eagle born in the San Bernardino Mountains in over 30 years. Observers believe the bald eagle chick was born on February 10th but was hidden in the nest that is 3 feet wide and a foot deep. The chick was discovered by biologists while doing a count on February 11th and leading a field trip for North Shore Elementary School Students. The new baby has been given the nickname Jack, named after Jack Lubecki, a longtime eagle count volunteer who passed a few years ago. Jack was born to a mating pair of eagles named Ricky and Lucy. The bird's gender is still unknown because it is being viewed from over a half-mile away. Jack was grey, fuzzy, and about 10 inches tall when he first hatched, but in the past 6 weeks hase become a dark brown color and is already much bigger. Jack was hatched in a nest that was built about 5 years ago in a dead tree that eagles have been adding to over the years; biologists are unsure if it was built by these same eagles. Ricky and Lucy have done well in protecting the chick from our recent storms and are expected to take up permanent residence here to protect Jack. The baby chick is not expected to fly for 70-98 days. To avoid disturbing the sensitive birds The Forest Service has closed the surrounding picnic areas. They are being observed using spotting scopes and can be viewed from Dana Point Park in Fawnskin. The Discovery Center Volunteers are monitoring the baby and a viewing station will be set up on weekends and visitors are welcomed. For hours and information, contact the Big Bear Discovery Center, 909-382-2790.

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